Beauty Salon

The Appearance Enhancement Business License allows a business to operate an establishment that practices cosmetology, esthetics, nail care, natural hair styling and/or waxing. This license does not allow the license holder to practice the services, but only to operate an establishment in which these services are practiced by licensed professionals.

An Area Renter is an individual who works in an Appearance Enhancement business, but is not employed by the owner. An Area Renter operates as an independent contractor and may rent a space in a licensed Appearance Enhancement Business and must obtain a separate license.

Before you may operate your business, you must prepare the following documents:

In order to begin operating your business, you will need licenses to do so. Below are the proper licenses. However, if indicated as optional, that license is only necessary if you are operating that specific service in your Beauty Salon

Below are a few requirements for your business that will require a licensed professional: