General Permit and Licensing for a Business

If your business will sell tangible personal property or provide specific services in New York, the business is required to collect and remit New York State sales tax, usually on a quarterly basis. Collecting sales tax is legally done through a Certificate of Authority, which should be applied for 20 days before you begin conducting business. If you listed several places of business on your application, the Tax Department will provide you with a separate Certificate of Authority for each location.

A Federal Employer Identification Number is also issued for tax purposes. You may apply for one online

NYS requires all employers to provide:

  • Unemployment Insurance an employer who begins hiring employees to work in New York is required to notify the NYS Department of Labor promptly to determine their appropriate tax status.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides protection to the employer from liability in the event of an on-the-job injury resulting in employee disability or death and to provide monetary relief and medical benefits to the injured worker.
  • Disability Benefits Insurance— provides for the payment of cash benefits to employees who become disabled because of injuries or sickness that have no connection to their employment, and from disabilities arising from pregnancies.