Food Services

A Food Service Establishment is a place where food is provided for individual portion service directly to the consumer, whether the food is provided free of charge or sold, and whether the food is consumed on or off the premises. This includes restaurants, employee cafeterias, bakeries, takeouts, pizzerias, night clubs, cabarets, bars, senior centers, emergency food relief organizations, public and non-public schools, or religious, fraternal and charitable organizations.
  1. Make sure your establishment meets food safety requirements.
  2. Register your Supervisor of Food Operations for a Food Protection Course in order to obtain a Food Protection Certificate ($114)
  3. Submit a Food Service Establishment Permit Application

New Business Acceleration Team (NBAT) assists individuals and groups opening food and beverage establishments by navigating City agency processes and reducing the time needed to open. NBAT provides client management services, an accelerated plan review process, and coordination of necessary inspections by regulatory agencies. New restaurants, bars that will serve food, bakeries, supermarkets, and butcher shops may be eligible.

You must prepare the following supporting documents:

Before You Apply for a Food Service Establishment Permit, be sure to have the following documents prepared:

  • Permit Application signed and completed
  • Proof of home address for sole proprietors
  • Photo Identification
  • Proof of Sales Tax Collecting Authority
  • Proof of Incorporation (Partnership, Corporation or LLC)
  • Payment of outstanding fines for DOHMH, if any
  • Copies of Worker’s Compensation and Disability Coverage
  • Proof of non-profit status (Corporation, Partnership or LLC)