Board of Directors

Last Name First Name Position Background & Qualifications Appt. date Term Exp. Date
Ms. Anderson Shurn Member Government 2024 2yrs 2026
Mr. Baptiste Omar Member Banking & Finance 2024 2yrs 2026
Mr. Crosswell Winston Vice President Accounting 2024 2yrs 2026
Mr. Franklin Stephen Exec. Committee Banking & Finance 2023 2yrs 2025
Mr. Guttmann Ben President Small Business & Technology 2023 2yrs 2025
Mr. Hunt Victor Member Technology 2024 2yrs 2025
Ms. Karteron Philippa Member Small Business 2023 2yrs 2025
Mr. Levin Stephen Member Small Business 2024 2yrs 2026
Mr. Lucaj Mark Member Real Estate 2024 2yrs 2026
Ms. Noel Verida Secretary Nonprofit & Aviation 2023 2yrs 2025
Mr. O’Donnell Aidan Member Government & Aviation 2024 2yrs 2026
Mr. Reynolds Brian Member Finance 2024 2yrs 2026
Mr. Sands David Member Union 2024 2yrs 2026
Ms. Srivastava Anita Treasurer Small Business 2023 2yrs 2025
Mr. Walsh Ryan Member Legal 2023 2yrs 2025



Executive Committee

Ben Guttmann Interim President
Winston Crosswell Vice President
Anita Srivastava Treasurer
Verida Noel Secretary
Shurn Anderson BP Representative
Stephen Franklin Member-at-large

Nomination Committee

Ben Guttmann Chair
Shurn Anderson
Stephen Franklin
Victor Hunt

Audit Committee

Stephen Franklin

Executive Management Team

First Name Last Name Title Background & Qualifactions
Seth Bornstein Exec. Dir. 40 years in local economic development on government, academia, private sector
Andrea Ormeno Dep. Exec. Dir., Business Services 10 years in small business economic development
Sarah Liu Dep. Exec. Dir., Innovation 10 years in small business technology development
Rob MacKay Dep. Exec. Dir., Community 25 years in media/communications

Come Join Us!

Get Your Tickets Here!

The Queens Economic Development Corporation and Queens Tourism Council will host Queens Taste 2024 at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park on Tuesday, May 21, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

We expect to attract more than 500 attendees with 50 restaurants and beverage purveyors, who will offer samples of their products. Thus, attendees will be able to bounce from table to table, tasting treats from tangy to fiery, crunchy to velvety, and sweet to briny.

Queens Taste is also a celebration of the borough -- and a great way to network. Almost all the anticipated 500 attendees either live in Queens or do business there. Many are executives and captains of industry. The atmosphere is always festive, almost giddy, creating an ideal scene for meeting and greeting.