Part-time Advisors

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Charles Antonucci

Accounting & Financial Assistance

In order to be a successful business you must make a profit with each unit sold.

·        Learn how to prepare a monthly profit & loss statement(P&L) review your financial budget;

·        prepare the documents for loan applications, information for investors

·        Review your pricing structure for your products

·        and other accounting forms.

While with the government Charles was an instructor; developed a 10-week course on how to start a business covering all the above-mentioned areas, a basic accounting course, how to write resumes, handing personal finances/credit Lecturer/instructor at St. Jon’s University. Charles spent over 30 years in the banking industry as president of various banks; also started his own consulting company servicing small banks/businesses in the Northeast.

Most recently Charles has been helping startup businesses launch.  Over the years Charles has been an angel investor for several startups; a bakery, lodges/catering halls, a clothing manufacturer and several Internet companies.

Adrienne Wax

Marketing assistance and brand awareness

·        Promoting your brand is the secret to sales; in order to have a successful business you need sales.

·        What can you say about yourself to make your products memorable?

·        What is your point of differentiation?

·        Create a marketing outreach strategy with measurable goals.

·        Craft the words to describe your product or service

Adrienne has years of experience doing marketing for some of the world’s largest brands, both working on behalf of the top advertising agencies and for herself as a consultant.  She also launched her own small business—Golfing Women—designed to help women learn to play golf and use golf for business success.  It was as an entrepreneur that she learned the challenges often faced by all entrepreneurs—limited time, resources and money. And she learned how to make it work through highly targeted efforts, the importance of excellent customer service, how to generate PR and good word of mouth—and overall how to maximize marketing with limited budgets.


Roy Pellicano

Growth & Strategy

·        Do you own your business or does your business own you?

·        We all want to run, but we need to know where we are going

·        Work with Roy to identify the steps you need to take to build the business you want.

·        Can you create new business opportunities to generate revenue?

·        Learn how to increase business value through digital transformation and strategy

·        Work with Roy to develop the tools for operating your businesses for future growth

Roy is a Serial Entrepreneur having started his own business at 11 years old. He has created a consulting company which works with small businesses helping them to grow and holding executive position in major corporations for strategic planning. His background is tech/building computer programs in the areas of marketing. He feels that marketing is product management and will question you as to what you feel is your persona in your company (1) the person selling; (2) the person servicing; (3) the person running the business. If you acting as more than one, you need his assistance.