Do you have a business? Do you have an idea? Do you need money for the holidays?

QEDC is partnering with Verizon to further help small businesses thrive in today’s digital economy. The Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program provides you with a personalized curriculum including learning modules, expert one-to-one coaching, and networking opportunities. Members are also eligible to apply for a $10,000 grant after completing any combination of two courses, coaching events, and community events, and apply by December 19th, 2022.

With that in mind, we are holding a giveaway of 2 $100 prepaid gift cards! The lucky winners will be selected at random through a raffle drawing. Each individual who registers into Verizon Small Business Digital Ready using the QEDC unique link below will be entered to win.

To Enter:

1. Register in the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program using the QEDC Unique Link 

2. Once registered, forward the confirmation email to the following address: raffle@queensny.org. (The confirmation email will look like the screenshot below)

3. You have successfully entered the raffle!