Edwin Lucero

Manager, Corona Plaza

Edwin Lucero is a seasoned hospitality professional with over two decades of operational experience in the food and beverage industry.
His career began at BR Guest during the influential Steve Hanson era (early 2000s) where he gained invaluable insights into restaurant corporate structures and refined his hospitality instincts.

Transitioning into entrepreneurship, Edwin founded and managed successful establishments — Cantina Cumbancha in Williamsburg (2018) and La Cumbanchita in Bushwick (2021). Known for his collaborative leadership style, Edwin fosters positive work environments and excels in team management, ensuring a culture of excellence and trust among his hospitality professionals.

Raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, as a first-generation Mexican-American, Edwin is excited to leverage his extensive industry background and entrepreneurial acumen as Plaza Manager in the inaugural pilot program at the Corona Plaza Market. His track record in operations, team development, and financial acuity aligns seamlessly with the needs of emerging entrepreneurs in the street vendors sector.

Edwin is also passionate about biophilic design, typography, and playing the charango instrument. He’s known for curating world music events and cumbia parties that enrich the city’s cultural scene. Follow his brainchild project, Follow The Music, coming soon to a town near you.