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Launching Your Food Business: Practical Steps for Getting on Shelves

February 8, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

You have the recipe. You’ve begun to develop a fan base. You are ready for the next steps to take your product to market. This series will cover the major steps on marketing, licensing, and packaging to get your foods from your farm or kitchen into market.

You can take all of the classes, or pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

Step 1 – Find your Spot on the Shelf: Market Analysis and Preparation

Wednesday FEBRUARY 8, 7-8:30pm ET

This webinar focuses on marketing intelligence and marketplace research required to identify competitors, how and where to market. The discussion includes analyzing pricing required to make a profit and the value proposition to justify the necessary price. This is the first step in the process. The rest of the series will help you to determine the detailed pricing.

Lead: Steve Hadcock, Cornell University


Step 2 – Dot Your i’s and Cross Your t’s: Licenses & Certifications:

Thursday FEB 16, 7-8:30pm ET

Do you (and your staff, facility, and kitchen) have all the licenses & certifications to produce the product you want to sell? Types of licensing, certification, registration required by NYS & the FDA vary based on product. Make sure you have everything covered before you launch. Participants can ask specific questions about their products and the licensing required.

Lead: Kathrine Gregory, Entrepreneur Space/Mi Kitchen Es Su Kitchen


Step 3 – Don’t Be a Recall Waiting to Happen: Get your Label in Legal Order:

Wednesday MARCH 1, 7-8:30pm ET

The requirements for labeling are not just a suggestion. An improperly declared allergen or improperly configured label can lead to a product recall. This session will review the layout and requirements for labeling.

Lead: Wendy Shutter, GlenCoPack


Step 4 – Catching the Consumer’s Eye: Perfect Packaging

Wednesday MARCH 8, 7-8:30pm ET

Packaging is a key decision for success. Show off your product on the shelf and catch your consumer’s attention. Select packaging that will improve shelf life and quality. This webinar will review resources for packaging, how to choose the best packaging for your product, and how to balance packaging and creativity.

Lead: Rebecca Montero, SpreadMMMs

Classes are sponsored by the Small Business Association.